Tutorial: How I draw a ~Chibi~

This tutorial assumes you know a little on Adobe photoshop or digital art.



Step by step on how to draw Aleck

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Happy Holidays!

 Welcome Holidays!

Tacha with Gifts

Tasha in her Christmas Costume


 Time can never be late.

Everday, we rush into life and walk on the paths of fate. It is in time we find the reference for our existence. If there are days when you feel lagging behind, remember, life isn’t a race.

In every moment you have lived, you will experience.

And no moment is actually wasted,

because time is never late to record it.

Another year is coming,

So let’s give time something better to write down.

Short Message from the Author
"Happy Holidays!"

“Happy Holidays!”

Hi! It’s me, Ciel-ri.

This year has been quite the mental roller coaster. I have been spending my days trapped within the leaves of my books studying about all kinds. I haven’t had a proper rest yet, and the year is about to end. Oh no!

Thank you for those who continue to visit this blog despite by inefficiencies. I only try my best at what I do but sometimes sickness and fate get the better of me. I just overcame my two month depression last, last week.

 This year I am holding a gallery show. Hope it goes well.

Happy celebrating everyone!

Doodles: The less you expect the greater the outcome.



The Mansion

Flying city



Over 93 doodles in a span of 4 years, they may seem like they were sketched with pencil at first but all these were done minutes after their first stroke of a gel pen. No drafting and no sketching just the simple ball-pen then a pool of daydreaming were used to make them. Life will constantly drown you in others peoples’ paces and just when you got the hang of it another wave comes, to make you wait for the tides to change. Even in rushing rivers called time there will be calm waters where the mind can rest and block reality from rushing in. Not knowing how or when the calm comes we unconsciously find release through abstract representations of our thoughts, doodles. Let the stationery move as your mind flies elsewhere doing the things it needs to do, and by the time you are back look and have a laugh on what came out.

Bad Impulse: Doodle #90

My earnings come from commissions while my works come from discipline.  


                                The mean of my artistic time is spent plainly on answering commissions. Most are regular commissions which fall under regular multimedia art commissions which deal with local or provincial advertising. The other commissions become customer commissions which are requests for paintings, sculptures, devices, clothes, poems, papers, and illustrations(mostly in pencil).

                The rest of my allocated artistic time is spent on either drafting or finishing. Doodles are made on spur of the moment so they don’t follow under my artistic time. It became a habit to practice discipline in whatever I did to avoid any emotional obstacles that may damage my skill.

                                Receiving commissions is another regular routine of mine. The commissions that come to me only follow under one strict rule, it must not be anime/comic related fan art. This rule helps me avoid a mass of requests due to my anime style of art. Commissions are my paid work as an artist, so receiving a regular amount of commissions in a routinely basis is great. The minimum value of any Customer commissioned work is P5000 since I am not of legal age while my regular commissions come in depending on the assigned task.

                                                The commissions help me get by on my experimental and voluntary work such as this blog and page. For me as an artist/artisan, the reason for me to not just dropped all my voluntary work is because of my story-making peers. Inspired from the way my peers passionately address their inner forces through mediums that was the decision factor for me to go along and try. Unluckily, most of my peers have no stability to finish their work, “ningas kugon” in Philippine terms.

                                                The pessimism within me caused by the prominent characteristic, “ningas kugon,” has utterly emblazoned my personality positively and negatively. This became my reason for the extreme detail and effort put into most of my work and the long lengths of time I take to finish. But as beneficial this negativity may provide there is an equivalent backlash to it. The depths of dedication that take damage my health and the blindness, does not know when to stop, that accompanies it.


Doodle representation of my pessimism:

Bad Impulse: Doodle #90

Cool bloc shirts

My friend suggested that we make our shirts personalized to have a unique shift on bloc shirts. She suggested that we have our own personal chibis representing who are by our class and/or race in the fantasy  world here are some samples:


Ciel copyleah 2LykaNew CanvasBernie Charles  Elisha Emy Frix f Jarvin Khars   Marvin