Poem: Don’t Die


When the fall of the world comes running to you,
I want you to close your eyes and feel it happen,
let the world that was violated and tainted crumble to pieces,
And then see the things beneath it,
at first you will feel the acerbity of all your hard work go with it,
But you are fool for thinking such,
If there was one thing that change can never erase ,
They are the very changes you have made,
If someone you think is better than you at what you do,
Allow yourself to feel the distraught coursing through the veins,
That connect you and the world,

So when you fracture every bone you know inside of you,
You may finally see whatever strings that were actually holding you in place,
The ones that actually hold you up instead of bringing you down.

You will see fingers that meddle into your beautiful mind,
Shove those that are not willing to help make the same image you imgane
And welcome the others by washing clean the dirts that taint their beautiful minds

Words from others crawl into your spine and spread like poison to your whole back
Hitting right at the centre of what you want best: people, wonder and the world
Making you shy away and distrustful, facing frontward to all you seem to know
trapping your very self in to that corner
Caging the reality you once knew as yours into prison cells,
Jamming words that are not yours into your heads,
Holding you tight and far beyond to allowance to breathe,
You suffocate, stuggling at your cemented cage founded by the bricks of pressure.

You think to die.
“You think”

Vacuum, empty, with not even light passing through, you felt death,
You blind your eyes to misery, along with hope,
You live in this world facing to the next day,
Standards, average and what’s supposed to be never happens,
You live in “this is what it is” fully ceding to your now

Now you have just died.

Bullied one