I am a nineteen year old visual artist in all mediums except 3D fractal arts. As well as a lover for words and culture.

Its easy to classify me as an introvert being artistically talented but lacks in proper social skills. But I don’t take that as a bother; however I won’t disregard it as useless too. I am open to what people say about me.

My strong point is that I am fond of reading almost everything I can get my hands on but is very stubborn when it comes to trends.

And my weakness is that sometimes I write very randomly or non sequitur. Therefore I lose my readers focus very easily. I also stock on so many ideas, I lose course of where I am going.

The title “Inside a Shell of Memories” came from two completely different things. First came from the sounds-like or homonym of my pen name Ciel(Shell) no(romaji of a Japanese hiragana character that can mean “of”) Mamori(Memory). Second originated from my first story which was based on memories of dreams the tells the inner workings of a persons reasoning. This was where “Inside” came from.

The Philippines is my home and my roots. It may not be apparent but I am currently taking the course of Computer Science.

Hopefully you can enjoy my stories or works as you see it.

Some trivias about me:

1. I have hazel brown eyes that is easily mistaken to be black or brown.

2. I have both short and long hair with some fringes in front.

3. I am nearly under weight but with a waistline of 28 inches.

4. I can sleep for a day without waking.

5. I never took art and writing lessons except for regular academic classes.

6. I have a big problem with spelling.

7. I often forget people’s names.

8. I can write a little in some languages.

9. I am a skilled cook as of today I can do dishes from the Orient to France, but I still love instants.

10. I can only stay under the sun for 45 minutes without suffering from migraines.


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