Chapter 4 of GON: Caelum et Terra


Caelum et Terra: Sky and Land

They sneaked towards the large door. But if anyone catches note of them, a face of disgust could be seen and then they return to normal. Xima pulling his head down trying to hide his existence once again, hastily runs out of their sight.

Reaching the door, the door is better understood as a solid gate about 5 times the size of them. The thickness of the door was made to survive earthquakes, typhoons or even boulders.

Donatello then retrieved something from his pocket. A coin with same sheen of gold the door had was inserted to slight hole found at the side of the gate. And then an old hag with grey hair comes out with the coin and examine it infront of them.

The old hag was not surprised seeing Xima unlike the rest whom they passed. The elder then lifts her hand up, and a few grunts could be heard from above but the door opens.

A massive dome could be seen. The dome was covered with highly tempered glass that can withstand the falling of a tree from high altitude. It encompassed about 30 mirea (miles) in all directions. A circular amphitheater of houses could be found everywhere connected to a skeleton like path. A giant sphere of air could established from the concave shapes of the houses and the convex glass and metal dome above them.

With the many rusted houses, and the colourful cloths worn by the people, the whole area looks like a globe with a pastel peach flower garden inside.

Even though I haven’t seen this in the longest, this still amazes me.

“Xima, let’s go! What are you looking at? Haha “ the raven black haired Donatello reaches out to ask me. He grabs my wrist and then covers his face with the gas mask.

If I remember correctly Eto can’t –

“Hey, Eto is it okay for you to be outside? Why did Cutio let you out?” Xima asks. Eto is Donatello’s nickname.

“Oh, about that… Um. Brother didn’t let me out. I escaped” he acts shy then smiles to me.

“WHAT!?” Xima shouts. People start to notice the two of them and then are disgusted when they catch the sight of Xima. Xima then pulls Donatello to an empty street. Xima cups Donatello’s head and brings it closer to his to tell him.

“Go back. Right now. It isn’t safe for you here.”

Donatello stare blackly underneath the mask but then says in contempt.

“Why? Why do you guys have to cage me like this?”


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