Chapter 1.1:Dreaming Awake

Somewhere else…

“She’s asleep isn’t she?” A woman asks gently as her dress waves from the wind.

“Yes.” The man replies, curtly.

“Is it time?” The woman asks worriedly.

“Yes.”The man answers monotonously, same as how he said it before.

“But is she ready?” The woman asks with a voice you couldn’t tell whether the emotion was worry or pity. But in how she said it, a hint of sadness could be heard.

“No.” The man says with a slight change, signifying a little of the distraught by the choice they are making.

The silhouette of the two can be found on top a building. From the window of the building where the girl with red-brown eyes is, you would only see two dots due to the distance. Only a person with sniper like vision would be able to see that far.

“Thank you,” the woman tells the man, as if she is saying goodbye.

“I am sorry,” he says. It felt practiced how he said it. Only indifference could be heard from how he said it as he struggles to keep his eyes open from water accumulating in his eyes.

The winds howls and they both disappear. But if it was really to account whether they were they in the first place, it would be better to ask whether they existed or not.


End Of The World

Chapter 1: Dreaming Awake

(Also known as lucid dreaming)

It was in a deep, deep darkness with only a single light. A single light that I can even stare directly at, that was how weak it was. In the end I was mindlessly walking forward. With no destination in sight I could only feel that my feet where submerged in this perfectly lukewarm water. Just how perfectly heated can water get? The water can barely be felt at all. In the end I try sinking my hand in but-

I can’t remove my hand.

“What’s happening!?”


The water level suddenly begins to rise and every part of my body submerged in the water can’t move. Every part of my body already submerged is as if I was cemented in place. In only a few minutes the waves press what’s remaining of me down, and I drown. My body begins to slant facing up.

The dim light seems brighter under water.

I can’t move at all. My body stays in the form of grabbing one arm out of something. I keep sinking down. And the darkness seems to rise from below, gently engulfing me. Rather from the nonexistent feeling of the water, a certain warmth can be felt from the darkness. Like falling to sleep, I shut my eyes and feel my body unwind. And then as it encircles my waist I am pulled toward it.


It was a man’s voice. The tone was so gentle it almost seemed as if it was apologizing my name.

It’s okay. Don’t be sorry.

I begun to become sleepy until I really fall asleep.

“Don’t leave me.”

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