Chapter 3: It Is Always Good To Be Mindful Of The Signs.

It Is Always Good To Be Mindful Of The Signs.

                As he gazes into those pitch-black eyes and midnight-hair, Xima couldn’t help but wonder on what Donatello intended to do. In that second, a surge of pain seeped in from his palms. The dark haired boy placed pressure on the bruises Xima inflicted on himself earlier.

“This is to stop the bleeding, we should treat this before me,” he anxiously told Xima. His friend was afraid that not treating his wounds immediately might cause it to worsen.

In a place where trees are found high above and food is the currency. The stomach represents the class a person can be. A hungry stomach is a shameful stomach. Xima overthinking to this point on why Donatello wouldn’t let him treat his stomach arrived at this conclusion. Donatello does not want Xima to feel bad about him. Sometimes, misunderstandings are beautiful.

              I don’t want you to see…the ugly part of me.

Donatello thinks to himself.

After a while the two go out of the room and Donatello reasons his visit, that he wants to hang out with Xima today. Xima guilty for hurting Donatello grants him this.

The two go out to arrive in a tight alleyway from where Xima lives. It was like walking at the bottom of the ocean. The light, from the clear blue sky, after the rain reflect ethereally down to the plain hollow walls of the alley.

The space between the walls can only fit small children or a person suffering from severe malnutrition. It hides the people who live here perfectly. People running from a crime or being persecuted can live here peacefully. For all that matters, he counts under the persecuted.

They reach the end and open the door. A bright light strikes their eyes, and the bustling of the city and be heard.

The scene of mother and child wishing off a father to work can be seen. The only thing unique about the scene is that the man is leaving off from a glider. Hundreds of people leave from the hanger, the two then head for another door.

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