Chapter 2 Of GON: The Room Is Enough To Know I am Alone.

The Room Is Enough To Know I am Alone.

The pals finds themselves in each other’s embrace. Soon after,  an awkward tension follows since none begin to let go. Xima tries to end the hold, but as he undoes his arm Donatello tightens his hold. The squeeze forces Xima to move back. In the process, Xima could feel Donatello sinking his face by his shoulder. The jet haired boy let his breath touch his friend’s neck as calms himself through the thumping of their hearts. The receiver can feel a stiff warmth between them. The contact felt more intimate than former  the moment Donatello held Xima closer.

Xima’s cheeks began to fluster with blush as Donatello deepens his hold. It stirred up all his senses awake and sent him goosebumps. The solitude Xima has been all this time had clearly set his being in numbness. The contact between them two felt so foreign to him that by reflex he shoved Dontello. The force takes his friend to the floor. Xima could only cover his face and apologize as Donatello stares at his cohort’s wretched condition.

“I am sorry… I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that, please forgive!” Xima’s voice was cracked towards anguish as he begins to lose power from limbs. His friend only watches as he tries to cover his existence with his bare hands. He hides himself from his friend’s sight in the hope that his existence was so minuscule that the shadow of his fingers could hide himself.

Donatello tries to approach him, while nearing his hand to Xima. The threshold for sensation has heightened through the boy that the moment Donatello could fingertip the silver hair, Xima had crawled to the corner of the room. His fingertips slide from each reach as he grabs for the bed. If blood could stop, then he felt his had clogged completely. All physical functions die out having your whole body become a cage unable to get out.

“What’s wrong Xima?!” Concern and worry painted Donatello’s face pale white. He was shocked from the sudden impulse of brokenness. He watched his friend retrieve the horror from deep within. Drenched in the nightmare, Xima appeared frozen on spot.

Donatello attempts to bring back his restless companion but to no avail. Shaking him vigorously, Donatello could only get him to look at him for a second.

Xima drowns deeper into his thoughts.

The complains, insults, sorrow, and brokenness pile into shards of glass in a bag called the mind. Xima recalling such heaviness creates holes that allow the terrors deep down to seep out. Xima starts to see apparitions of his uncle, mother, father and the one he owes everything to, Tentatio.  Xima screams realizing the greatest dread to him.

Tentatio appears before him. He looked angered like something was taken from the old man. As the phantasm approaches, Xima is given a mixed emotion of relief and terror. Lips begin to move from the ghost but no sound comes to mind. Only till it was a meter close Xima understood what they meant.

Wildly and dangerously, Xima pulls his hair in a attempt to overcome his current pain with physical pain.  He is screaming and shouting from the top of his lungs. A tiny amount of hair began to be pulled out and his nails pierced down to his palm. Blood pellets splatter, from the piercing, onto Donatello’s arm.

Alarmed by the blood, Donatello wraps his arms around his companion and pushes him to the floor. Xima begins hit and punch Donatello away from himself. Donatello bounds his body to Xima to protect him from self-inflicting himself, consequently he receives the blows and pound by pound receiving them. The raven haired boy yelled for him to stop but fright continued to rule over.

Legs start to kick his buddy away from him. Each strike was stronger than its previous and Donatlello wavered quickly.

“What can I do to bring you ba—” kicked in the gut, Donatello releases Xima and at last his companion returns to his senses. Xima is shocked by what he had done and quickly took cool dish from the window. Placing on the stomach of Donatello he notices the other places that have been freshly bruised. Xima once again rushes to window and takes out all possible pain soothers for Donatello. He brings them over and applies them on Donatello’s body. Finishing the upper two injuries Xima tends to the harm inflicted by the kick, but Donatello tells him to stop.

Donatello holds Xima’s wrist. The white haired boy can only contemplate over why they had to stop. Donatello remains silent and Xima notices the part he will be aiding. It was Donatello’s bear stomach. The thought could only make the boy conclude that Donatello might be coy about having his stomach treated, because he will have to let him make contact to his stomach. A flush of embarrassment was about to torrent as Donatello gets hold of both Xima’s wrists and look at the self-conscious boy intently.

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