pan_4_rock_cliffYou might lose life and its rhythm

Even when time feels times a dozen,

You got only one day to live and,

You wasted it on dreaming.

Don’t hold it down, please your soul

Your heart can only take so much cold.

Breathe in words that eat you whole,

And the flowers inside you grow bold,

On a corpse you call your own.

Where do you go?

What is this empty place called home?

A room of flowers left inside its box.

Not even remembering you in their talks,

Of you that rots, hoping someone loved you lots,

To pay for the days you owe them.

My eyes are watering, like a plant.

The dew slides down even when you can’t.

Because only when a new day rises, 

Do you feel a sad sense of crisis.

Or nothing at all.

This poem is a collective of phrases or paraphrases of people with depression. It specifies the journey one gets, when nuances of their thoughts begin leading them to think they are a burden to their loved ones. This making them conclude it is better to feel nothing at all.


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