My Mental Health’s Current Status

When it comes to road I have taken, I have made many regrets in the past about not doing my best. And always holding out for the future, until I realized I have come to become nothing at all. I never finished what I did and I was inconsistent.

In doubt, my life went as is, with nothing happening. Not realizing that I am using all my luck as it is. Waiting for active volcano by my side to erupt day by day. The parlay of nothing happening being the best state my situation allows me.

It came in a swarm, the bad things that happened when I was seven til now, I had moments the world seems as though it ended. My family broken and me separated. By separated, I mean in life, in friends and in family. My heart became something that no longer felt. It turned to stone, from all the pressure dealt.

I learned to daydream my way out of reality, in order to protect what’s left of me. Sometimes, I write them down. And some are the stories you may read here. But now, I am too old to keep escaping, so I asked for help. And thank you for those who helped. Even in the smallest sense of saying “it will get better.” I may not feel but the words are remembered. And maybe if I remember them long enough, it might even seep into this cold rock I own.

I may not be consistent in the time spent to post my stories. But I do plan on finishing all of them. I will work harder now. And I will fight to survive each day.


If you have similar stories it would be nice to know. Thank you. 😀


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