Adventures of Tim Can

I like to think that I am a tin can, named Tim Can.

I have loose pants and my boxers showing.

Little Tim goes square walking cause he has a lot of stuff in his pants.

He has fruits, rotten or ripe, a crow bar that bends with a little might,

And some other stuff with value or not to others.

Little Tim is only a can.

He doesn’t talk and he doesn’t plan.

He walks and walks to where no one knows.
Everyone just lets him go.

He doesn’t hesitate as he walks into a pole or hole.

Making people say “Aw!” As they help him, keep whole.

I am a tin can, named am Tim Can.

Hello, this is a new story. All in all this story is not much, but I will post short stories about this character. This shall be an anthology of stories around what happens as a creature with no recognition whether he has a mind or not interacts to people, and how a creature with an unknown desire and low value might change those around him.

TOC | Next Chapter 


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