When In Albay (Monologue with Friend)

Hi Rainbow. I am gonna update you of my status as of now. I am in Legazpi Airport Hotel, Albay. And it took me a several minutes to find Mayon, for reasons that I don’t know why.

Hai, hai, hai! Don’t forget I am punny,
Because aside from being a funny.
Words come out like lines from song,
Wanting you to make you go along.

It’s frustrating but you know it’s true,
I am “quite” adept making words go in tune.
Sonnet, ballad, short, haiku,
I’ve written them all without a clue.

But taken seriously, a scout had found me.
Living by writing is another “can be.”

“What a waste!” said the scout as he sadly beckons,
“You’ve got a talent” and nurtured it should reckon,
A new kind of onomatopoeia.

But here I am in Albay,
Pili ice cream trying to buy.
And in the hope, to fly
Some-when May, but not to play.
I am just getting my passport.
“I’m at the embassy,” I retort.
And don’t worry about the effort,
To write this narrative short.
Because it as natural to me like a fart.
I just wanted to report. 🙂


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