CMSC 165 Chroma Key

In the making of simple green screen videos a touch of creativity and realism is needed to come up with an exciting piece of film. Realism is needed to troubleshoot the problems that may occur and the idea on how to get a good piece of film to be changed. And creativity is needed to make a vision for the film, which will be the basis of every decision.

In the creativity part, I wanted to try putting myself in a fantasy high place but I couldn’t find the background for it and also to make myself walk on lava. My parted wanted to be cool and have an explosions scene along with a magic carpet ride after wards. But we were only able to get not working example of it. By “not working,” I only mean in the case of timing. Since we couldn’t find the problem with our code when it came to why it the timings of the videos kept changing.

The screen we used was a blue cloth, the decision on that was based on the fact there was existing cloth available. And the video we targeted on making, which served as the “goal” for our exercise was made using Youtube video editor.

The frame sized used in making the video was approximately about 1200 by 600 pixels. This was based on the background size. The video without manipulation through openCV lasts about two minutes while after editing it is only reduced to half.

At the final outputs my legs happen to have become existent unlike using youtube editor.

Most of the implementation of the code was left to Eliza, my partner, while the algorithm was done in class hours. The videos for the background were edited and modified by me. The videos are no copyright videos. The materials needed to take the video for the foreground were provided by me.


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