Connected Components and Feature Detection

Here is the link to the initial notes which was basis on making this post and its executions:

And here is the link for a discussion on a way of implementing connected components:

Connected Components and Feature Detection are two process needed in order to identify an object in a picture.

In this exercise, we are given an image with the goal of being able to match similar figures of the image to each other through its features.

Initially at the preprocessing stage I used another picture to sample out some techniques needed to be able to identify an object in an image.

These are the original images:



This is an image of a number 8 where the holes inside where filled and in order to get convex hull of the object. The convex hull is the shape most closely related to the object. It is used in feature detection.


In here the outline of the image is taken to get the perimeter of the object, supposedly only a letter was to be taken but due to the lack of implementation of Connected Components at the time the whole phrase was taken.





In the next images techniques for getting a more whole binary image were applied. The techniques are opening, eroding, closing, dilation, and then the normal image, respectively. The normal image is not a technique but just the image after binarization.


And then to identify the object exactly, the boundary of the object is taken and drawn as a box to get the highest and lowest of x and y values the object has.






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