I am a multipotentialite.

Aside from the fact I was awoken by a persistent miss-caller this morning, I found this very interesting TED talk about multipotentialite. [This post is long, warning. I also wrote this in one go, so tell me if there is any grammatical error.]

I have been encourage several times by my loving mother to pursue several different careers, such as:

CIA agent

for as long as she has been telling me this, I have always taken them as a joke or something not serious, since I seriously couldn’t pursue such careers in the excuse that life is too short or something about how I need to specialize. But now, after recalling all the careers I wrote on “Career plan,” “Where/What I want to be —- from now,” “What course do you plan on taking,” or “What do plan on doing after college,” I recognize how I don’t have characteristic to specialize, or rather I study hard what I want but I get tired of it at some point, just like how I feel about drawing or philosophical analysis. I am tired. Even when it comes to the course I am pursuing which has no relation to any of what I put on future dreams until I was infront of the UPCAT form. The thought of limiting myself to just this, gets me no stimulation at all to finish what has tasked. This isn’t an excuse for being lazy, but rather the friction caused by how I am against how society wants you to be.

I recall several times, from Sir Bulalacao’s classes or Ma’am Carascal’s lectures, how mastering or having full comprehension of what you learned is a good thing as it improves your horizons. The only aspect bad about it is, nobody romanticizes it as normal. Looking at how much our culture limits us with criticism as “being only good at this or that,” I find it an appalling environment for people like me. And the more we are reinforced the idea of narrowing what we do, the more abnormal and unwanted I have been feeling. Especially now that I am at my third year of college, this problem has been absorbing my sleep since I was last asked during the Graduation Seminar of my organization, UPLB Grange Association.

“So how exactly am I supposed to take how society viewed this, and how I naturally am?”

This was the question I have not asked myself, until I learned it from this talk. It wasn’t that I a person lacking something, a rare case, or a car without breaks. I am just a multipotentialite, a person who just happens to have broader horizons and the ability to comprehend widely rather than deeply. But this doesn’t enclose me to only thinking horizontally but rather it is starting point from how I comprehend.

For those who read this, and may relate to what I have said. I would like to segregate some thoughts:

If you thought short discourses on other subject matter away from you specialization is what I referring to, like trying to study the patterns of chemical formulas from computer science approach, then you are not on point. I am referring to actual practice when I mean study or learning and not the short fling.

If you happen to relate this to an artistic endeavor you have made in your life, such as pursuing digital arts, watercolour, acting, or hip-hop dance, then I also think you are getting the idea. Since I am coming from a basis that I have I put into retrospect the whole understanding on how to view a certain art, from a practitioner who solely specializes. I don’t limit the practice to simply what medium utilized but pursue the arts and science as to how someone who wishes to specialize in them and not as an added skill.

So to my mother, who will continually ask whether I will pursue to the three careers stated above, the answer is a positive “maybe.”

This hasn’t relieved of my anxiety completely since this isn’t a perspective easily comprehended but it alleviates the problem of career planning a little.

Here is the site for the TED-talk:
Note: I read the transcript. I don’t have the stamina to watch videos.


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