The Insatiable Balance.


It is the ability to not get hurt that will hurt you the most.

At the end of the day, to balance your intelligence it must be matched with what you see least appropriate to reasoning, the unknown. The mind is but a balance and the opportunities in-front of an individual is all you have as dividend from others. It takes real effort to fortify both sides of the mind, sense and nonsense. Like how sacrifice and devotion are but two parts of a coin, time is the only being the only entity without an alternative we know of. Sacrifice does help increase the superego and the moralist nature of an individual, a cultural identity we wish to fulfill. While devotion is a place where your id and subconscious has it’s choosing. But both can only be measured by time to surmount to anything at all.

Expectation versus reality is but a continuum. What we expect is developed by what we intake, both tangible and intangible. Reality is just the collision of our situation toward a single acknowledge existence. This is alike to how one can perceive things differently due to different intake of a circumstance–expectation–but at the same time come to resolution on what a status can be–reality. The mind can only take so much to be able to process, within the exercises of reasoning and logic. And these exercise only develop as much as the situations come onto an individual’s experience.

Manifestation, a word which can embody the idea, and the entity that made it. It can be shown as the actual representation but be hindered by the implementation. There is but an undefined limit as to how much one can actually put anything to a certain state. It exhausts both sides of the mind and time to execute it. So as to not manifest is already a manifestation of itself. The idea of the idea not existing exists.

When you try not to get hurt are already achieving an equivalent damage to yourself. To not get hurt is to stunt experience which may expand your perception and then your intake of it. To manifest a stop does not surmount to the reality of avoiding a situation but rather to set yourself in a much confined one. Hence, getting hurt or experiencing is but an opportunity to grow further.


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