In the Glass

It has been six months since the last time I posted. And another year has come and gone and I began so hopeful to change the tides, so prepared to help, so armed to get hurt but from what I all prepared myself for. It was from inside me that I should prepared myself for.

I was in love.

I was hurt.

I was betrayed.

I was on top.

But what broke the my footing the most was what I did not expect the most. It the one thing I should I have been able to feel the most. Something I could feel the very moment it happens. But it was very clearly written on the piece of paper the kind of condition I had.

“If you didn’t come sooner, your condition could have become dangerous. It was good you came,” the doctor said in a clear voice.

Original Translation:
"Malapit kana sa delikado, mabuti dumating ka."

I was sick. All this time I was keeping track of my health, trying to not hit the wall. But that fact didn’t protect me at all. I had been ill for quite a while. And I couldn’t see it.

The diagnosis was UTI, PCO syndrome and weak kidneys and lungs. I had been bedridden for the whole of the Yuletide season, starting the middle of December ’til recent. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t move without anything hurting.

This forced me to keep my activity to a minimum such that even reviewing for my final exams couldn’t be physically possible. I lost 6 kg in a week.

But it came as a great surprise that without my heavy reviewing I happened to do better at my finals. Since I only made one mistake in all examinations, except one.

As of now, my heavy medications of antibiotics have stopped. And I have been able to walk and even run. But my appetite is still gone and the weight has still been decreasing, very slowly. It is in small hope that I do get better since all the damage is of long term in nature, but every particle of that hope is being accounted for.

A lot has happened since my last post and I will be doing a binge posting of the recent events in my live.

Having been in physical pain so much the past half-year was reality shattering. I was lucky it hadn’t become critical but the effect is forever.

But even glass can come back together even if it wont the same as before.

Good day. Happy year.


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