Human Canine

Human Canine

Like rabid dogs silhouetted by the cloud-eating moon,

We hunt for gratification by the hundreds,

Eating through our soul is shallow sagacity,

Of what we are taught to know and drink,

Hunger and yearn pump the blood,

Seething the ostracized and gnawing humble,

Come the pack ready to rumble,

A courtroom where the judge only perceives by his keenest receptor,

Out of the hundred kinds of sensations,

He solely smells to adhere judgement,

Blood-lusting comes the decisions and out goes the appeals,

Only moment for hearing is named “guilty” by the call.

Silent by comparison from the noisy the day,

Under the carnivorous moon do we truly absorb,

Simplification by the mackle of death’s painter, pitch black,

Here comes the days by which the satiated are nevermore,

Than an idea.

Bloated does the crowd go back to their homes,

Full to brim from today’s expedition on truth,

They attach adjectives of achievement to their names,

And bury the case by the handle, for no one to

ever untruth.


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