TGON: Cloudy Sky

A Cloudy Sky Hides the Giants Within

The Gift of Nausicaa

In this upper world which carries the vastest blue I have ever seen, this sky that changes slowly to small shades of yellow, red and purple, and then closes its display for the night with a huge sheet of cloth studded with a million tiny lights. It doesn’t only carry colours and giant cotton that cries and thunders. In this time, the sky lifts around colossal forms where life now thrives on. These giant heaps of rock, soil, and stone that now float above my head were all once part of the Earth that lies beneath my feet.

                With floating isles above me, more elements enhance the upper realm’s once solemn and tranquil beauty. Being below them is like being in the deepest part of the ocean but with light seeping in every direction. All the colours mix like palettes to the canvas lands above us and the vegetation that keeps them together are like hands holding them softly. But unlike being at the bottom of the ocean, these islands cast shadows warning us of their presence and protecting us from the scorching sun. These islands are so far from the Earth, that the distance it takes to reach the bottom of the ocean is just equivalent. So it’s like being a fish that cannot swim under a fantasy sea that beyond that is a place where no fish can breathe.

In the books that were left behind they didn’t have a name for what came after Ragnarok, the final destruction of the world.  So we named this new world “Novus Exitus,” meaning the “New End.”

                The sheet full of stars begins to be lifted, the day begins to glisten.

He’s alone in the morning.

The first thing that could be heard asides from downpour is the sound of rustling sheets. Underneath the sheets a boy grumbles about the crisp coldness of his feet. As the sheets uncover, a boy with white hair and intense maroon eyes emerge from the sinking sheets. He ruffles his hair in irritation and marks another day off his calendar.

                The lad swiftly manoeuvres himself towards the desk and effortlessly places a notebook and pen in front. He begins to write.

The journal entry for today, December 6, 42NE, he notes on the worn down notebook. He writes:

“I am turning 13 this month. It has already been about 10 years since my parents were executed. The one who raised me since then was Tentantio, a retired janitor who worked for my family. It will be the first time I am going to spend my birthday alone.

                And maybe even homeless.

                Since today is the last week before I am evicted from the apartment.”

                He glides his fingertips above the surface of the paper. As he flips pages from the notebook, memories begin rise from their slumber. His eyes scan the words that set fire to his heart and tears flow down. The boy looks up to the empty ceiling. The sobs slowly emerge from his lips when he ponders on the meaning for his existence.

                For almost six months he has been searching for a new place to call home. The owners of the building were waiting like predators for his guardian pass, because as soon as his only family dies they issue an eviction notice. The residents reasoned that they couldn’t have a minor living all alone, and that he needed to let himself get adopted. After giving the notice, the residents celebrated on the news that the anomaly, the boy, will be gone from the building. They made jokes on how he won’t be able to find a place because not even an orphanage would want a boy like him, but it was the truth. In only three months of searching, he had already been to every orphanage in the city and no one took him in. The moment the caretakers even get a glimpse of his white hair they shut the doors and close the windows.

                                He can only clench his chest to relieve the pain in his heart. A warmth emerges as he hears the rings in his necklace clink. The rings were the only memento left from his bloodline. The sound reminds him of the stories Tentatio would tell him about what his family has done for this world and that he should never looked down on who he is. Tentatio always made a face of excitement and astonishment when the old man talks about his father. It was his father that Tentatio was truly proud of. Tentatio raised his dad. But sometimes the elder just stops as he recalls how his father was razed to his death. The guardian simply smiles afterwards and tells the boy he loves him.

                Suddenly a huge thud could be heard at the door. Shivers ran through the boy at the thought that the residents couldn’t wait ’til the week was done. He cautiously approached the entrance with the notice in his hand and peeked through the slit. The boy fell back when he saw what was outside. An individual was wearing a mask and holding a hammer at his side. He makes a sudden realization and get up to throw the door open at the visitor. The visitor is shocked by the unusual and caught between the door and the wall. The boy presses on the door and reaches for a chair to hold the stranger in place.

                                The boy then gets vinegar to pour on the intruder, but as he begins to pour the intruder shouts to stop.

                “Stop!” the voice of the visitor was familiar to the boy. It was of a young man that was sure.

“Xima it’s me. Donatello. Do you remember me?” The visitor tries to wave at Xima. Xima begins to recall who the stranger is and removes the bind. Donatello fixes himself and apologizes for the sudden visit, and then he removes the mask. Xima recognizes the skinny lad and gives a heartfelt hug to lad, and then hits him hard on the head.

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