Welcome Holidays!

Tacha with Gifts

Tasha in her Christmas Costume


 Time can never be late.

Everday, we rush into life and walk on the paths of fate. It is in time we find the reference for our existence. If there are days when you feel lagging behind, remember, life isn’t a race.

In every moment you have lived, you will experience.

And no moment is actually wasted,

because time is never late to record it.

Another year is coming,

So let’s give time something better to write down.

Short Message from the Author
"Happy Holidays!"

“Happy Holidays!”

Hi! It’s me, Ciel-ri.

This year has been quite the mental roller coaster. I have been spending my days trapped within the leaves of my books studying about all kinds. I haven’t had a proper rest yet, and the year is about to end. Oh no!

Thank you for those who continue to visit this blog despite by inefficiencies. I only try my best at what I do but sometimes sickness and fate get the better of me. I just overcame my two month depression last, last week.

 This year I am holding a gallery show. Hope it goes well.

Happy celebrating everyone!


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