The mean of my artistic time is spent plainly on answering commissions. Most are regular commissions which fall under regular multimedia art commissions which deal with local or provincial advertising. The other commissions become customer commissions which are requests for paintings, sculptures, devices, clothes, poems, papers, and illustrations(mostly in pencil).

                The rest of my allocated artistic time is spent on either drafting or finishing. Doodles are made on spur of the moment so they don’t follow under my artistic time. It became a habit to practice discipline in whatever I did to avoid any emotional obstacles that may damage my skill.

                                Receiving commissions is another regular routine of mine. The commissions that come to me only follow under one strict rule, it must not be anime/comic related fan art. This rule helps me avoid a mass of requests due to my anime style of art. Commissions are my paid work as an artist, so receiving a regular amount of commissions in a routinely basis is great. The minimum value of any Customer commissioned work is P5000 since I am not of legal age while my regular commissions come in depending on the assigned task.

                                                The commissions help me get by on my experimental and voluntary work such as this blog and page. For me as an artist/artisan, the reason for me to not just dropped all my voluntary work is because of my story-making peers. Inspired from the way my peers passionately address their inner forces through mediums that was the decision factor for me to go along and try. Unluckily, most of my peers have no stability to finish their work, “ningas kugon” in Philippine terms.

                                                The pessimism within me caused by the prominent characteristic, “ningas kugon,” has utterly emblazoned my personality positively and negatively. This became my reason for the extreme detail and effort put into most of my work and the long lengths of time I take to finish. But as beneficial this negativity may provide there is an equivalent backlash to it. The depths of dedication that take damage my health and the blindness, does not know when to stop, that accompanies it.


Doodle representation of my pessimism:

Bad Impulse: Doodle #90


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