Preview 2

Previews on upcoming works that need a great amount of time before 
being posted. None of the lines being shown is in chronological 
              order to that of their story.





Sketch  Milan and Osyris

 Thea 2Stella FINMilan OHHH!!!!


“The scariest thing in my life isn’t leaving you. It’s knowing I can’t make you happy.” -Milan

” I never chose whatever picture my heart had given me. I only made the decision to be in the picture.” -Osyris.

“It’s better to be lost than to be found without a direction.” –Thea

“I have some time tell me what you need to report then be gone, I’ve wasted enough just telling you this.”  -Stella


Description: This originally started as cellphone drama to keep myself thinking during the summer of 2013. I planned to finish it as a cellphone drama but due to the unfortunate fate of my mobile I was forced to make this into both a written work and comic. The story happens to be about zombies.








Eliv done Resketch EOTW2EotW 1 copy copy




“One day I will come to hate you. And when I do, try to hate me too. Because I could die from a guilty heart, you know” -Tyronne


” I am sorry that I wasn’t able to be with you for long. My body died months ago from the moment Claymore gave you his crown. But Tybolt took a part of me with him so that I could be with you.”


He breathes in. “I am happy though, at least now I know how strong my girl has become. I am proud of you. So please let me make one last request from you.” He signals you to lean down to listen. She can feel his faint breath as she leans her face near his chest. “When my body ticks its last. And I turn into stone. I want you to turn away, close your eyes, and never ever look back.” He strokes her hair. “Please,” he pleads. “I would never ever want the last thing you remember about me how I part from you.” -Tyronne.


He slowly placed her hair down as her hair softly untangles from his fingers, leaving them wanting. He dipped his hand to cup her face so he could use his other one sweetly approached her reciprocal hand. Warming her cold hands as he envelops his on hers.


“You don’t know? I have a sister. She is a lot taller than me, and she is also the eldest. My family’s first born. This leaves me as the middle child out of 53 siblings whose father was a serial rapist. Now that he’s dead. But that left us with no parents at all. Our mothers were killed for bearing demon children, like me. I had the doctor check, I am human. Don’t worry!” She smiles like it’s a matter-of-fact. “My dad happened to kill my 51 brothers because he didn’t want a son. So now, it’s only me and my sister. ” Eliv almost vomits from what she said. “What’s wrong? You look sick.” Gemini ponders worriedly. Eliv could only shake her head. “Are you sure?” Gemini asks then looks to a corner and looks back at Eliv full of concern. Eliv doesn’t  notice this and just gestures out that she is ok. “Oh ok, you don’t look ok even my brother became worried,” Gemini tells Eliv. “Lucky you~ he says he like you, he doesn’t even like me,” she pouts playfully at Eliv. Eliv begins to back into a corner and stumbles at one of the dolls. The doll faces her. “Who?” Eliv asks in terror. Gemini tilts her head wondering who else is Eliv talking about and then points toward the doll she stumbled upon. “Max is quite shy, you know but look.” Gemini says as if she is pleased. The doll tugs at Eliv’s jacket and begins to smile. “Oh! He smiled!” Gemini celebrates.


“When I saw that you went with him. I began to curse you. As much as I wanted you, I could never forgive you for that.” “But when I you again, all that urged through me was to kidnap you and lock you somewhere no one will be able to get to you. Weird right? I promised to be by your side and do whatever it takes, unconditionally. But now, I know too well that I won’t feel like that for you forever. Please take responsibility for this selfish and greedy heart you created.” -Tyronne

“Probably our friendship could be more than this. Since I love your being. You are a person who has given me another segment in this endless cycle of mine. But I don’t want to love as a partner nor do I want to be your love to love you. Because loving you is so much lower than what I feel for you while friendship feels far too high to compare. Being so different from you makes me feel so distant but when you are with me I don’t feel you at all. It’s I am you, with disclosure having nothing on us. So really, all I ever need from you is knowing you still know me or even recognize me. Even if you do forget me, promise me you will get to know me again.” -Claymore

“This will hurt,” he said as he looks at her. She starts to wince from the pain  but her voice turns to a scream. Struggling to get her hand out. It felt like she was being skinned and her bones where boiled ’til her marrow. The only thing she could hear aside from her screams was his voice repeatedly crying out, “I am sorry!”

“I am sorry. I swear I will carry you too,” Eliv sobs as her tears mix in. And then a gunfire could be heard.

“Relax Tybolt I don’t blame you for killing me and I won’t be mad if you happen to kill me again. Maybe I might want you to join me this time, after all I empathy for you. Please stop hurting yourself and all those around you… You are the greatest fool I have ever met. You think you are right but inside you know this is against every fibre of your being. So what’s the point? I don’t want you to start thinking that because you are like that you are stronger than us. A person who lives a life without regret is a person who did not live at all!” -Erza

The two looked back in time through the accumulation of emotions that surrounded them. It was shock that filled her entirely as she recognized the scene unfolding in front of her. She saw herself sitting at the edge of the sandbox. The little girl was singing to herself. The pure heart she sees from her past self was now gone. From that moment, a burden starts as she continues to watch the scene go. Her was alone, her past self knew this all too clearly allowing her thoughts to be soil for which the ivy grew and stretched. As she looked at him she knew, he was her own monster while she was his master. It was her very own human thoughts that couldn’t change. When she was changed by Tybolt it was her mind, her consciousness that stayed the same. This became the reason why they began to change.



Description: This story took my whole high school life to create(4 years). It was based completely on a continuous dream. I mean continuous since it was a dream that continued to weave its tale through my dreams.








Malice: The Black Musician

“I hear remorse from the most unwanted places of my mind, it was misgiving. My body felt like vomiting all the blood out of my system. My skin crumbling into a field of sand. The sands are sucked into a void I call my heart. Vacuuming even parts that vacuum. I sundered.” -Malice

“Uwahhh! I don’t’ wanna go to that damn stupid ball! People will just keep on trying to get me close to me and treat me like some mutant phoenix. I’m normal right!?” My lips started bleeding from the biting and my hands were almost scarred from clenching.

Alfred de Flesch

                        The paleness of the sky is so nostalgic or is it because I saw the one who makes me feel like this? Well that doesn’t really matter, after all she will never notice me. She is the still the beautiful cold princess I found in the River of Forget. Has it really been seven years since then?

7 years ago somewhere in the forest of Gale…

“Hahahahaha!  Alfred the slowpoke!” sang by dirty chaps in a taunting rhythm.“I’m not slow, you guys are just too fast!” Alfred rebutted.

” Oh no! I’ve got to catch up to them. I’ve gotta run faster! Faster!” Alfred paces himself faster.

 Children giggling, “Were gonna leave you behind Alfred. Hurry up!”

”Hey! Guys don’t leave me behind!” Alfred pleaded his companions.

Faster!“Guys!” The young chaps ahead of Alfred agreed to mockingly.

            I didn’t know that I would end up tripping and rolling down the hill. When I happen to wake up from the fall, the sky turned dark faster than I expected and before I knew it, night had conquered day.


Description: This was a summer writing project on supernatural beings this is complete fiction.







The Gift of Nausicaa

Donatello goes closer to Xima and says to him, “Did you know Nausicaa also carries treasures from the time even before our ancients? No, even from the ancients of our ancients!”

“Ssh! Donatello! Somebody might hear you,” Xima whispers in anger.


Description: Currently the most completed work that I may be able to finish first. This only amounts to a short story about a boy who follows his cruel fate dictated by the sky above him.



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