To a teacher I am forever grateful for,

She first knew me as my sister’s sister. My sister was famous for her immediate achievements just after entering high school. After a few contests and encounters we had in my first year of high school, she then calls me by my name. It was in second year of high school that the most serendipitous event happened.  The umbrella for the showcase was in severe condition that the adornments were already falling. None of the members of the club could have repaired it at the time due to practice and the co-adviser for the presentation had classes to attend to. It only got worse when some new members tried their costumes. The costumes were too loose.

In some fateful manner, I just happen to be walking by them with a sewing kit and know how to fix all those. Maybe it was fate or destiny that choose this or just plain serendipity. But from then on I became the only member of their troupe who did not under go auditioning. I was ostracized a little for the position since I did not have to dance or do anything yet. To prove my self I seized every opportunity I could encounter to help the group, prove my place and protect the trust given to me by her. The other members thought the idea was such a foreign thing, for a dance troupe to have a member who does not dance.

But all this was a plan for something great and by great I meant really great. The very next year the rumors on a dance production were answered. For the two years I knew her I never thought she saw so much in me that she placed a very big role for me in the production. During our club meeting time she asked me for suggestions and designs on a certain theme, I haven’t heard of the production yet. But on the day they announced the production that became the day I realized the worth of my skill. I was assigned to be the creative director and designer for a school wide production. The production preparations lasted for more than months and I held together over 4 clubs. It was the greatest surprise in my high school life.

When it was the year for me to graduate I asked her if I could participate in one of the dances, since I already gained so much from this club I wanted to return all she did for me. I was already settling down and getting ready for college. It felt sad I would have to let all this go. I learned from the practices how talent-less I was in dancing this made me give birth to a great insecurity in my heart. After all, designing a whole production was something different and I had to criticize a lot of people during such a production. It was after the presentation I started to cry, I felt the reason why others members had ostracized me before.

                                             She found me crying backstage and comforted me. I don’t clearly remember what she said but I think it was something important. I just sobbed everything out even if it was unrelated to the troupe and just how I really felt, the pressure from all these years. The next meeting I met the other members some heard of what happened and just greeted me as always.

                                        It was near graduation and we were all saying our goodbyes. On our last meeting as a troupe together with me, I was surprised by the hugs I received and all the notes they gave me. It was weird and warm. If I were ever to picture me and her together it would be something like this:


Image (12)

My dance teacher teaching me how to dance.



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