Scribbling with my friends!

In you can draw online the same time as your friends.We had no special plan before hand when we started drawing this picture together. We simply agreed to just draw with no focus at all. I made 55% of the drawing. But it was disadvantageous to me because only  real members can use all the art tools, so in this sketch I can only use pencil, lines and eraser.


The first stage: (From left to right)heterochromous eyes, a potato witch, and Wynter.


The second stage: Cheri-tan has started to draw hair, the potato witch is being colored(what I am doing), and Wynter’s outline is done but need to be edited.



The third stage: Cheri-tan’s  done with her bust, while I am doing the background and Gleigh is coloring Wynter.



The fourth stage: Cheri-tan decides to make hers into a titan zombie, I draw the witch as if she’s summoning it, and Gleigh still working on Wynter.



The fifth stage: Cheri-tan colors her titan zombie, I do the flooring, and Gleigh helps with whatever she can!




The sixth stage: Almost done! I do the background Cheri-tan’s titan zombie while Gleigh uses her real member tools to add more effect to the background.




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